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Here’s where you can find the Alliance of Independent Authors during, and associated with, Digital Book World 2018.

While the conference officially takes place October 2-4, we’re presenting during the optional pre-conference day October 1, and continue to offer learning opportunities to independent authors through October 6.

October 2 – 4
Exhibitor Booth #511

Come visit us in the exhibition hall at the Music City Center, located in Nashville, Tennessee.


Monday October 1, 12:45 – 2:45 pm
Session #105: Running an Indie Author Business 

Orna Ross, founder and director, Alliance for Independent Authors (ALLi) and Robin Cutler, director, IngramSpark, Ingram Content Group

This two-hour workshop will explain how Self-Publishing 3.0 works for authors by outlining seven business models that self-publishers can use to increase their income, impact, and influence. The workshop will include examples of independent authors around the world who are creating lucrative publishing businesses.


Tuesday October 2, 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
Session #213: What's So Bad About Vanity Presses?

With ALLi's Orna Ross and Alexa Bigwarfe
So-called vanity presses are a polarizing topic in publishing. The idea of an author paying significant money to a third-party company to publish his or her book works just fine for some, and leaves others throwing around words like "scam." This fireside chat with Orna Ross, founder of ALLi, and Alexa Bigwarfe, manager, ALLi's Self-Publishing Advice Conference, will differentiate between trade (traditional) publishing and self-publishing, vanity presses and hybrid presses, lay out issues in the marketplace created by vanity presses, and talk through some of the controversy.


Wednesday, October 3, 1:40 PM - 2:25 PM
Session #342: Self-Publishing 3.0: Building a Successful Author Business the Creative Way

Led by Orna Ross and presented By IngramSpark

Self-Publishing 1.0 was desktop publishing and print on demand (POD). Self-Publishing 2.0 was selling e-books for e-readers and phones via online bookstores. We are now entering the era of self-publishing 3.0: author-publishers building sustainable enterprises that include direct sales, subscription models, crowdsourced patronage, and other income streams. This presentation surveys the achievements of indie authors and outlines the sequence to creative business success for authors. These are the steps, and the order in which to do them, that optimizes creative flow and maximizes income, impact, and influence and will be of interest to every author and publisher working in the digital age.


Friday October 5, 9am-2pm
Indie Publishing Forum: Guided tour of IngramSpark’s headquarters in Nashville.

9:00 am Welcome—Orna Ross
9:30    IngramSpark: Print on Demand and Publishing—Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark
10:30    Indie Authors and Marketing –Julie Schoerke, JKS Communications
11:00 How to Market to Bookstores –Josh Floyd, IngramSpark
11:30   Metadata and Pricing Strategies—Pam Dover, IngramSpark
Lunch   Noon-12:45
1:00 – 2:00  Lightning Source Facility Tour


Requirements for touring the facility:

  • For health and safety reasons, you must wear closed-toe shoes onthe tour of the print facility
  • Photographs of the print floor and machinery are not allowed.
  • All must sign a nondisclosure agreement before touring the print floor.
  • Participants must be 18 years or older tour the print floor.
  • Maximum capacity of the tour is 100 people.

Register here:

Location: 14 Ingram Blvd
Parking will be available.


Saturday October 6, 10am GMT for 24 hours
Online ALLi Self-Publishing Advice Conference

SELFPUBCon is an ONLINE and FREE event for indie authors.

SELFPUBCon occurs once in the fall with Digital Book World, and once in the Spring alongside London Book Fair.

ALLi brings together the most up-to-date self-publishing education and information available and broadcasts it to authors everywhere.

Our SELFPUBCon theme for fall 2018: Self-Publishing 3.0.

For 24 hours, beginning at 10am GMT on October 6th, the Alliance of Independent Authors is pleased to provide you with the industry’s best about what you can and should be doing to have the most success in publishing and selling your books.

The Self-Publishing Advice Conference delivers some of the best training and content on publishing for indie authors.  The presentations are provided by leaders in the indie publishing industry, best-selling authors, publishers, and service providers for indie authors. ALLi works hard to ensure the content that is delivered is top-notch, up-to-date, and high quality.

Register now and we'll send full details of our speakers, sessions, competitions and giveaways.

For further information: Boni Wagner-Stafford,, 1-833-228-89467