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Self-Publishing 3.0: Independence Through Sustainable Author Businesses
Alliance of Independent Authors’ Founder Orna Ross to Speak at Digital Book World 2018

Nashville, TN, Sept 30, 2018 — Are you ready for self-publishing 3.0? In a new white paper released today on #selfpub3.0, the Alliance of Independent Authors details how, for the first time, authors can now join the ranks of other creative entrepreneurs in growing their independence and building sustainable author businesses.

Orna Ross, founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors and repeatedly named “One of the 100 Most Influential People in Publishing”, will explain why and how authors should embrace self-publishing 3.0 at Digital Book World 2018.

“Consumer trends like the rise of personal branding, mindful consumption and mobile phone reading are combining with digital publishing tech to create more favorable conditions than ever before for author-businesses,” says Ross. “But only authors who have developed an independent, creative and empowered mindset, who understand the value of their intellectual property, can benefit from these opportunities.”

Self-publishing 3.0

#selfpub3.0 encourages authors to ensure we have a diversity of earning streams through our own websites, which become the hub of our successful publishing and media enterprises. Income streams might include direct sales, subscription models, crowdsourced patronage, wide distribution models and other income streams like online teaching and affiliate income.

#selfpub3.0 also means using retailers and other services to distribute our books as widely as possible, in as many formats as possible.

Mostly, #selfpub3.0 is about the shift in mindset needed to take control of your author business rather than unthinkingly assigning all your intellectual property, your most valuable creative asset, to a business owned by another, whether that is a trade-publisher or self-publishing service.

These are the steps that maximize income, impact, and influence for authors and should be of interest to every author and publisher working in the digital age, Ross says, pointing out that true independence, for authors as for anyone, must be rooted in commercial as well as creative independence.

This is the future, now. And it has never been so bright for independent authors.

Self-Publishing 1.0 was desktop publishing and print on demand. Self-Publishing 2.0 was selling e-books for e-readers and phones via online bookstores. Now we’re entering the era of self-publishing 3.0: self-publishers building viable and sustainable author enterprises.

Check out ALLi’s activities at Digital Book World.

About ALLi

The Alliance of Independent Authors is the only global, non-profit association for self-publishing writers. ALLi aims to foster excellence and ethics in self-publishing; to support authors in the making and selling of their books; and to advocate for author independence through the building of sustainable digital businesses.

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