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Sterling Emmal: Shock Value Author at Digital Book World 2018
What to Expect from the Table Top D exhibit

ANCHORAGE, September 29th, 2018 - Up and Coming Shock Value Author Sterling Emmal’s exhibit will be located at Table Top D in the Exhibitor Hall at Digital Book World 2018—and she herself will be there. Emmal will be selling paperback copies of her books including her award-winning novella Xenon Phobia and her novel Candidates, Cartel, and Chaos—the book that is currently a finalist in the Digital Book World Awards 2018 “Best Book: Science Fiction” Category. Emmal will also have her business cards ready to hand out along with signed Sterling Emmal: Shock Value Author pens and bumper stickers. Emmal says she is looking forward to seeing everyone at Digital Book World 2018 and hopefully adding members to her fanbase that she calls her “Emmal Army.”

Learn more about Sterling Emmal’s work on her website:

More About the Merchandise:

Sterling Emmal’s books will be on sale at the Digital Book World but that is not the only place they are available. Emmal’s books are all sold online from retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble though to her knowledge they are not sold anywhere in-store. Emmal was willing to share the text on the back of each book she will have available at the conference with the readers of this article and the link to the book on Amazon for those who can not make it to Digital Book World 2018.

Xenon Phobia:
I was Dead. When the medical examiner cut away the clothes that covered my lifeless corpse to perform the routine autopsy, he saw the warning that I had etched into the cold dead flesh that was once the skin that covered my flat stomach:

The time of my death was 3:15 AM. The cause of my death was a lethal dose of Morphine that was injected directly into my heart. My death was ruled as a homicide, But there’s only one problem with that. I am still here, and now I have a little vendetta to take care of.
-Xenon Aira 54

He appeared so confused as to why the CSI team didn’t mention that there were words cut into my skin. He turned to get his camera so he could document this newly found evidence in the case of my murder. When he turned to take the picture, I cut the lights. I didn’t want that message to fall into the wrong hands. Using the fire of my wrath, I burned my body in the darkness. Watching it burn was liberating. When the lights came on any resemblance of me was gone. To the human world I, Xenon Aira, was gone, but hate doesn't die that easily.

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Candidates, Cartel, and Chaos (Book One of Two):
2020 was supposed to be such an easy election year for the United States. The current sitting President, Victor Jaimason, was running unopposed for re-election, and he was expecting it to stay that way. The Speaker of the House, Scott Redwinn, had the perfect life with his wife Savanna. He was actually rather close with the president. It never crossed his mind that he would step up to challenge his dear friend.

Everything changed when Scott picked up a nineteen-year-old prostitute who was indebted to the Mexican Drug Cartel. She only stayed at his home for one night, but the next morning, when a Cartel Enforcer came to take her to take her off to pay for her debt, he also took Savanna with her.

This pushed Scott passed the edge of sanity and caused him to announce his candidacy for President of the United States, and that is only the beginning of his downward spiral. When he learns the truth about the young woman he picked up, things go from bad to worse...

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The Rise and Fall of Ecstasy (Book Two of Two):
For a mother, burying her children is the hardest thing in the world, especially when the caskets are empty. For Aleeha Stevens, this was the situation she was now put in. It had been six months since her children, Kay and Nicholas, had gone missing. Now the Colombian police were issuing death certificates... This is the epic conclusion to my book Candidates, Cartel, and Chaos.

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The Teller Trilogy: Extended Edition:
Remmel Kell was the CEO of Account Force USA, or as most people knew it, the largest banking franchise in the United States. To the public Remmel seemed to be a charismatic and highly educated entrepreneur. When he gave a speech or did an interview everyone stopped to listen. Yet those close to him knew the gorgeous CEO had a very morbid obsession. He would target single mothers with two children. Then brutally murder them one by one in the order of ascending age. It was the perfect ratio, and to him, it was such a good thing. But all good things must come to an end…

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The Executioner of Rawule:
It was a time when the humans wanted to colonize Rawule or as they said "their moon." Because of this, Toren S'rell, the totalitarian leader of Rawule, was faced with an interplanetary war between his people and the human race, or as he liked to say "the ones who put politics before the preservation of their world." As the conflict raged on, Ellaconna River would rather die as a sociopathic killer than a victim and Seccoro Acea, the federal executioner put in charge of her sentence, was trying to cope with the loss of his wife and one week old child.

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In my college writing class I was told to write a modern day Cinderella story. I was not looking forward to it because I hate writing happy stuff. I pull my creativity from a place of pain not a butterflies and rainbows sort of place, and I do not believe in happy endings. Then I learned that I could use my own style and put my own twist on this cliché story, so this is it, this is my shock value take on Cinderella. Enjoy if you dare. On a side note I want to thank my professors Sarah Kirk and Sara Rufner for helping me become a better writer. This story I am dedicating to you.

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Angel in the Fire: Special Edition:
Tara was five years old when the house burnt down. She had inhaled so much smoke and had third degree burns covering the left side of her body. When she woke up in the hospital she insisted that a boy named Aaron had kept her company inside the fire. Despite the fact that her mother was an atheist, Tara believed he was an angel.  After years of torment and ridicule Tara was in need of a miracle and he showed up in her 12th grade chemistry class.

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Learn more about Sterling Emmal’s work on her website:

About Sterling Emmal: Shock Value Author:

Sterling Emmal: Shock Value Author is located in Anchorage, Alaska. The Contact number is 1-907-570-1390.