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Bill Kasdorf and Bill Rosenblatt of Publishing Technology Partners to Speak at Digital Book World 2018
Industry thought leaders to share expertise on Blockchain, Standards, and Copyright

NEW YORK, September 18, 2018 - Bill Kasdorf and Bill Rosenblatt of Publishing Technology Partners will be speaking at Digital Book World 2018 in Nashville on October 2-4. This is a chance to meet two of Publishing Technology Partners’ Founding Partners, share ideas on industry technology trends, and explore each of the partners’ particular areas of expertise.

On Tuesday October 2 at 1:30 pm, Bill Kasdorf will be giving a presentation on “How Publishing Standards Are Converging to Enable a Potential Golden Age of Publishing Technology.” Kasdorf is a longtime participant in some of the most important technology standards in publishing including EPUB, Accessibility, and the upcoming Web Publication. Says Kasdorf, “This is the most exciting time in my four decades of work in publishing technology. We’re in the midst of a sea change, moving from proprietary technology silos to an open, cross-sector, interoperable ecosystem that removes friction and is optimized for innovation and evolution.”

On Wednesday morning October 3 at 8:30 am, Bill Rosenblatt will present a talk on “Copyright Issues For Audio Content.” Rosenblatt is an expert on copyright issues in the digital age with deep experience in audio issues from his work in the music industry. Rosenblatt says, “Publishers are going deeper into audio content with voice-first content for smart speakers, podcasts, and other forms of audio posted online. There are many copyright-related issues that are peculiar to audio and that the music industry has been living with for many years. Many authors, agents, and publishers can benefit from greater understanding of these issues as audio becomes a bigger part of the wide world of publishing.”

Rosenblatt will also be participating in a panel discussion, “How the Blockchain Changes Book Publishing and Distribution,” later Wednesday morning at 10:45 am. Rosenblatt has emerged as a thought leader on blockchain applications in publishing through his work with startups and standards committees. He says, “I’m a healthy skeptic when it comes to blockchain applications in publishing. But blockchain is far more than just the latest techie buzzword; there’s so much energy, talent, and money coming into the field that it’s not going away, and good ideas will emerge that will move the industry forward. On this panel, I’ll be focusing mainly on B2B applications such as supply chain and rights and royalty management. It should be an interesting and provocative discussion.”

To arrange a meeting with Publishing Technology Partners at Digital Book World, please contact Bill Rosenblatt at or call (212) 956 1045.

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